Thursday, December 3, 2009

afternoon discussion topics

We are now in the afternoon portion of the program, which is a discussion run by the Committee on Professional Governance.
The nine topics of the discussion are:

#1: Reference:
How to respond to evolving user behaviors
* in-person reference still viable?
* chat, sms reference? (24/7 access?) (see article: "how to be a person")
* web 2.0 challenges and opportunities
* meeting users where they are

#2: Relationship to information providers:
* how can libraries influence the marketplace for information resources?
* new scholarly communication models
* new relationships with publishers

#3 Library personnel
* who is eligible for library education today? Is technology the one determining factor for admission into a library program?
* are greater tech skills the greatest need in library education?
* in the work place,, what of massive retirement? downsizing? what role can technology play here?
* what of competitors for the library candidates? are we going to match their offers?
* is the ability to "organize" or the "love of reading" no longer some of the attraction to becoming a librarian?

#4 Technology
* how can libraries evolve along with the evolution of technology and user behavior?
* will instruction become a much heavier load, more important than subject bibliography?
* The need for ongoing training, evaluation and assessment ...
* Library security redefined
* who will fund the technology?

#5 Collections
* what is the Library Collection?
* "UC Library Collection" -- emphasis on collaboration and sharing
* challenges of silos, including unique and special collections
* institutional repositories
* next-gen tech services, including issues of streamlining, collaboration
* books versus digital

#6 Library buildings
* What's the value of the building as a place? As a library as place?
* how do we work with other uses and roles of the library?
* Library service desks
* space for computers and computer labs
* quiet study; group study
* social gathering: cafes, programs, meeting friends

#7 Campus roles
* instruction -- are we stuck with 1-credit library classes? Is there some other direction to go?
* outreach and publicity -- is there a theme or mode of communication we should work on?
* value of a library credit course
* "library as center of campus?" (are we? as a building?)
* should librarians do research for campus units? (since we're experts, after all)

#8 Library networks
* How can libraries increase partnerships to improve services and increase the breadth and depth of the collections? there are various opportunities with various organizations.
* OCLC, Next Gen Melvyl
* Regional management of retrospective print collections
* shared approval plans

#9 choose your own!

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