Thursday, June 5, 2014

LAUC Southern Regional Meeting, UC Riverside - June 19, 2014

LAUC Southern Regional Meeting on LAUC Divisional Participation in Library Re-organization

Thursday, June 19, noon-2p.m.
Orbach Science Library, Room 240
University of California, Riverside 92507

This meeting follows on a similar event, and will address many of the same issues and concerns, held recently at the 2014 LAUC Spring Assembly at UC Davis. Many LAUC members at Southern campuses, who were not able to attend the Davis event, have expressed interest in sharing experiences and dialoguing about matters associated with current/projected re-organizations of their libraries. Relatedly, discussion of major strategic planning efforts which have already resulted in major changes in library roles or service provision will occur.

Speakers from UCI, UCR, UCSD, and UCSB will begin by addressing their experiences on their campuses.

A panel discussion, encouraging audience participation, followed.

LAUC Southern Regional Meeting Videos 

  • Introduction by Stephen Mitchell and Anthony Sanchez,  Presentation by Rhonda Neuberger; part one of Cristela Garcia-Spitz and David Schmitt.
  • Part Two: Continuation of presentation by David Shmitt (UCSD).  Part one of presentations by Alan Grosenheider, UCSB, Deputy University Librarian.
  • Part Three: Continuation of presentation by Alan Grosenheider, UCSB, Deputy University Librarian ; presentation by Mitchell Brown, UCI.
  • Part Four: Continuation of presentation Mitchell Brown, UCI
  • Part Five: Question and answer session with audience.

Travel directions to UC Riverside:

Introduction by Stephen Mitchell, UCR    slides (PDF)

Anthony Sanchez, UCR, Moderator, is the Instruction Coordinator for Rivera Library. His subjects include English Literature, Film Studies, Mass Media Studies, as well as Theater. He will be the incoming secretary for LAUC-R for the 2014-15 year. He comes to UCR after working at several Maricopa Community Colleges in Arizona.

Rhonda Neugebauer, UCR, is incoming LAUC-R Chair and UCR Bibliographer for Latin American, Iberian and Chicano/Latino Studies at UC Riverside.  She is the UCR campus representative for scholarly communication. For two years, she has served as the Chair of the Librarians’ Caucus in the UC-AFT, Local 1966 for librarians and lecturers.  She is part of a new era of local union participation and co-governance in campus life.  PDF

David Schmitt, UCSD, is the Engineering Liaison Librarian and since the reorg, also the Collection Coordinator for Physical Sciences and Engineering.  He was the chair of LAUC-SD in the 2012-2013 year, which included the bulk of the reorganization activities at UCSD.

Cristela Garcia-Spitz, UCSD , Cristela Garcia-Spitz is the Digital Library Development Project Manager at the UC San Diego Library.  She served as the Co-Chair of the ClimateQUAL Implementation Team during the library’s reorganization.   slides (PDF)

Alan Grosenheider, UCSB, Alan Grosenheider serves as the Deputy University Librarian at the University of California Santa Barbara.  He has primary responsibility for organizational development and effectiveness with authority for assessment, planning, budget, human resources, and training, and has oversight for all operations. 

Mitchell Brown, UCI , is the Research Librarian for Chemistry, Earth System Science and Russian Studies and Scholarly Communications Coordinator at UC Irvine since 2005. In his role as Scholarly Communications Coordinator, Mitchell is working with faculty to implement the UC Open Access Policy for depositing current research publications to eScholarship.  He is co-chair, along with Nancy Stimson (UCSD) of the Scholarly Publishing CKG and is the SP CKG liaison to the UC Office of Scholarly Communications committee.  He served as LAUC President 2011-12 and LAUC-Irvine chair 2009-10.  His education background includes a B.S. Physics (Carnegie-Mellon, 1988) and M.L.I.S. (University of Texas, Austin, 1994).   slides (PDF)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Video of Library Leaders' Perspectives on Professional Development - UC Berkeley - June 4, 2012

Video of Library Leaders' Perspectives on Professional Development
LAUC-B presentation @
The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life <>,
2121 Allston Way in downtown Berkeley.

A video of the June 4 LAUC-B Committee on Professional Development program is now available on YouTube at: (43:16)

Library Leaders' Perspectives on Professional Development
Tom Leonard, UCB University Librarian
Laine Farley, CDL Executive Director
Clifford Lynch, UCB i-School Adjunct Faculty

A link to the video has been added to the committee's web page at

Nick Robinson
LAUC-B Chair, 2011/12

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breakout Session – Lightning Teams

Lightning Teams
Summary from LAUC Assembly - May 10, 2012  (Afternoon Breakout Session)

Small focused group, quick fix
Single issue – depth of vision
Composition:  Diversity of opinion
Balance size and speed with broad representation
Planning tool: Campus expertise
Three People per “pod” – single issue
Time schedule – report back to campus? LAUC?   SOPAG?

Which issues are appropriate?
Who to report back to

LAUC systemwide
e.g. training
implementing subject specialists
·         Project Management
·         Can we train ourselves or do we hire someone else?
·         Structure for training – gain expertise: Send person for specific training
·         e.g. UCSB copyright

Lightning Team
Train in specific area
Re-train colleagues

Being together – engaging with each other
Training the trainer

Benefit to our users
Subject knowledge or copyright
Collaboration:  Evaluating resources, technology for user needs.

e.g. Chat Service

Lightning Team
For e.g. after HOPS and committee deliberation
Six week study & implement

Narrow charge:
Simple charge; well-defined
Separate lightning teams on pieces of problem
Someone in charge of storm
Group decides what lightning is –
Then a couple go to different campuses and give show on how to implement

Most effective at grass-roots, lowest in-the-trenches level.

What are most important do-able problems –
Which would lend themselves
People committed –
Turn-around time
Results –

What lends itself to lightning?
e.g.  gap in Distance Education
·         Identify it
·         Identify practices
·         Implement

Free up time for people to do this – 100% focus

Breakout Session – Skills and Training

Skills and Training
Summary from LAUC Assembly - May 10, 2012  (Afternoon Breakout Session)

Market Library to users as “user friendly” and relevant
-          I.D. opportunities to make a difference
-          Fulfill a demand users didn’t know they needs (proactively)

Fluency with outreach through new communication mechanisms
[Social media/marketing principles]

Skill at crafting “elevator” speeches
-          Demonstrate effectiveness and benefits of Library research

Formal/Informal/Ad Hoc [on our own]
-          Basic competency & expert level
Training Skill Sets

New Grads                              Experienced
*  Collections                          *  Data
*  Data Curation                      *  Project Management
*  Project Management             *  Copyright
*  Copyright                            *  Public Speaking

Awareness of Library Services and Strengths
Play role in programs and systems used on campus/research

Broader Skills
·         Entrepreneurial Skills
Ex:  Matching a need with something library can or should provide
·         Collaborative
·         Data Analysis
·         Flexible and proactive
-          Increase presence in departments
-          Embedded in curriculum
-          Awareness of trends

·         Marketing Services
·         Communicate Value

Breakout Session - Communications

Summary from LAUC Assembly - May 10, 2012  (Afternoon Breakout Session)

Outreach to:
  • Campus online education groups
  • Office of Research
  • Alumni
New education initiatives – awareness
Librarian representation
  • Faculty senate
  • Academic Federation
Write self into grant proposals
Embedded with researchers
LAUC Facebook :)

Seminars on data management -
Informs researchers
Frame workshops in same vocabulary as audience
            e.g. where should I publish?  (no “open access”)
Have events for student chapters of IEEE
Share with each other 
  • Videos
  • Clearinghouse to share info about Librarian “tasks” among LAUC members
  • Skillsets
  • Info for new hires
  • Succession planning
  • Share local practices, etc.

Breakout Session - Shared Service Models

Shared Service Models
Summary from LAUC Assembly - May 10, 2012  (Afternoon Breakout Session)

How to Keep Pace with User Expectations
Given Decreasing $
-          What of standard for digital reference?
-          Where will subject librarians (et expertise) go when subject libraries close?

User Expectations – subscriptions to everything online (suggested by WorldCat and Google)
-          Cross-campus access to e-books
  • -          Immediate gratification 9though not necessarily through library)
  • -          Immediate ILL borrowing
  • -          Local assistance
Solutions?  Library services modeled after UC path
  • -          Consortial e-books
  • -          Systemwide proxy access?  Shibboleth?  (Problem w/non-Tier 1 resources though)
-          Re-focus on ‘One Library’ concept (e.g. ‘UC Undergraduate Library’)
-          Systemwide subject guides w/ tab for local-only resources

-          Shared bibliographers (for languages, at least)
o   for cross-campus (and institution) instruction?

-          Problem: Funding for shipped shared resources
o   (ILL, preservation of rare items)

Distance Education will require local proctors (most look toward libraries for such services)