Monday, May 24, 2010

Perceptions of libraries and information resources

This summarizes a report commissioned by OCLC on user behavior gathered from around the world. It draws its results from a worldwide survey and amounts to a hymn to the information explosion. Users report satisfaction with the internet and a preference for it over the library for its rapid, convenient access to information that is considered satisfactory. Conclusions for libraries consist of:

(1) Libraries are perceived as being about print books.

(2) Libraries should better advertise their presence and could offer different formats and content.

(3) Libraries are advised by the respondents to increase their collections.

A longer summary of the report can be found at:

De Rosa, Cathy. Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources: A Report to the Oclc Membership. Dublin, OH: OCLC Online Computer Library Center, 2005.

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