Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heading for a 3.0 World: Technologies and Behaviors to Watch

Stephen Abram of SirsiDynix will be talking about whether academic libraries can be more open. PPT slides of his talk will be available at his blog Stephen's Lighthouse. ( Stephen is an inveterate library watcher and strategic technology futurist for libraries.

What's Changing?
  • Speed. US and Canada are 5-7 years behind the rest of the world as it is
  • Semantic Web (Twine) <- play with it
  • The Cloud (Google, Zoho and Microsoft documents)
  • No choice search engines
  • GIS oriented search and ads. (your search results and ads will depend on where you physically are)
  • Infinite full-text books (ebooks)
  • Streaming media and spoken word search - you'll be able to search for podcasts, youtubes
  • Personalization 3.0 - ability to cut and paste into your own page, ie FaceBook and MySpace.
  • Microblogging - ie twitter.
  • Device proliferation (Kindle, iPhones, etc)
  • What's old? Attacks on research, rights, intellectual freedom, access, copyright balance, privacy, DRM, patents, trademarks, etc.
What does Sustainability Mean?
  • 40% of those who use libraries use it online. Do you have leadership that takes this seriously and is willing to restructure the organization to service this?
  • The ones who do come in to the Library is NOT the group of people you should be thinking about when contemplating how to reach and efficiently serve those who use Library resources all online.
  • Our number 1 ammo against Google, etc, is the people who work in the Libraries. How many of us have online profiles, photos, etc? We should NOT be anonymous. As professionals, we can not be anonymous.
What Commitment Does It Take?
  • With Eyes WIDE Open: Plan, plan, plan.
  • We need longterm planning so get ready.
  • We care about research success, that's how are services are oriented - but what do our users care about?
Note: America is only graduating 60,000 engineers a year. Wow...

Make sure things work. People don't care why things don't work, they just want it to work. They don't want to see weird things like question marks or boxes in place of non-roman characters or images.

Do your members know your WHOLE Library's offerings?

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