Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's afternoon time and I'm reading the other entries

Back from lunch. Yes! I saw a lot of people from UCSD at lunch (some I know, some not) and met someone new from Berkeley, Josh Schneider. We had an interesting discussion about an archive reference question that he had that helped to solve a murder. Sometimes, we are very cool people.

Brian Speaks
Users of data, structure and standards, economics and organization of control were the topics. They held meetings to discuss at strategic locations (google, ALA, LC) .

Guiding principles from the report included redefining work so that control is decentralized and moves away from both LC and the commercial sector (correct me if I'm wrong). The watch words and phrases from the report were efficiency, standardization, future design, less talking more doing, and return on investment.

A major issue that Brian brought up is that LC is a classically unfunded mandate. This is a major point that I think will ultimately be the deal maker or breaker for any future changes.

Schottlaneder talks about Mann and critiques his thinking.

Brian notes that much of the changes that might come from his report await the work and further discussion of LC. He laments the absence of an economist for the report that was submitted. Important lament.

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