Monday, January 25, 2010

Discussion group 5: collections

For at least 100 reasons

1. It’s premature to take the “s” off collection and we already do act as if there is no “s” as much as we can.
2. Perhaps the whole university will have to re-think the way it does business before we can even seriously think collection in the singular.
3. Shared print with local patron-driven collecting is possible as lon as no restrictions are placed on what campuses can do.
4. We should think about CDL negotiating consortial ebook licenses.
5. The UCs must cooperate with each other whenever possible—and then some.
6. It was really dumb to cut CDL funding during a time when cooperative action is so crucial.


Matt said...

I guess I'd like to hear more about the implications of having an "s" or not attached to the notion of collections. I don't know that I fully understand the significance.

Why should CDL negotiate licenses for e-books?

Lisa Mix said...

While it may be premature to take the "s" off of "collection", the "UC Collection" (singular) is something to strive for.

In times of limited resources, collaboration is key to long-term survival and relevance.