Monday, January 25, 2010

Discussion group 8: library networks

Recorder name and email: Lisa Sibert

Focused on UC Library Networks

Addressed issue off timelines, i.e. 5y, 10y; short-term v. long-term
Networks in place:
Springer e-boooks
YBP approval, plans are linked
NGM—networked across UCs collaboration with outside entity
Shared print
Networks under development and/or consideration:
NGTS efforts
Western states coordinated plan for managing
Permanent retrospective print collections (issue: how will this affect stats for ARL libraries?)
Collaborative approval plans (print & electronic)
Collaborative e-book purchasing

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Matt said...

This is a good list of networks that I personally was not aware of. I guess the next stage is to consider whether these networks are meeting their needs and or whether there need to be additional networks. For instance at Davis, there has been a fair amount of discussion on the pluses and minuses of the Next Generation Melvyl Catalog effort. I'm sure other campuses have their views as well.