Thursday, November 15, 2007

About UC Merced

It's a lovely conference room here -- big table and comfy chairs, with two rows of chairs on either side.

Angela is impressed with the Library as well. It's really a beautiful space. We got a tour and walked passed 2 aquariums, probably about 80 gallon freshwater tanks. We saw numerous large plasma televisions where images and announcements scroll. The instruction room is a beauty. There are empty desks which as equipped with laptops before each instruction session! We walked into the reading room and everyone just sighed wishing we all had such a room in our own libraries! Another impressive feature is at the Info Desk. They have a projector behind the desk and it projects announcements about new services, items, and what not. It was really a brilliant idea. Sam Dunlap tested every chair, couch and other fun furniture! He gave his approval. He also helped out by shelving a few books that had been mis-shelved. Of course there are some problems, such as leaking over what would have been the special collections room. If you want to see what is a most welcoming library, come visit!!!

Angela will post pictures later on, so stay tuned!

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