Thursday, November 15, 2007

welcome from Bruce Miller

The meeting was called to order with a welcome from Bruce Miller, the University librarian at UC Merced. He started out by pointing out that Merced wins, with 83% of LAUC members from Merced at the meeting.

Miller gave a few thoughts on LAUC. First, Miller noted that the UC system is going through a big change lots of new librarians are hired -- "so I don't actually know most of you!" He stated that because of this, LAUC has a special chance now to help inculcate new librarians.

Next, Miller said, is there a way to include non-represented people in the library into LAUC? We all have colleagues who have the same concerns as we do, who may not be in traditional librarian positions, who ought to be at the table in these discussions.

Third, Miller talked about the LAUC research grant money -- he hears repeatedly that the research grant money goes unclaimed. He gave a challenge to LAUC: can we streamline this process?

Finally, Miller said, this is a time to step outside the box, step back, and try new things -- for instance new technologies in your work in LAUC. Give yourself permission to be liberated enough to try new things. (He gave the example of maybe starting a LAUC Facebook group, then said he didn't have a Facebook account himself. Of course, there actually is a UC Librarians Facebook group already).

He then welcomed the assembly to UC Merced.

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