Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gary Lawrence: Good news and bad news..

Gary Lawrence reported about UCOP. There is nothing but bad news about the budget. Potential shortfall next year of ten billion. There's currently a hiring freeze and all the functions in UCOP (including CDL) is being restructured.

Budget addressing employee salary is at the top of the list of priorities. Budget proposal 08/09 covers existing compact with the Governor which is 5% increase on salary.

UC is working on Faculty salary parity as a top priority over the next four years. Range for other staff in merit increase will be the same as this year. UC recognizes that this is not the best solution and will be seeking to work on this further as economic situation improves.

Next year there will be a budget deficit of $10 billion so we don't know if the UC can fund the compact.

UCOP is restructuring to find savings of $28 million. Planning for this is underway. Report will go to the Regents. Final UCOP budget will be in place in May. There will be cuts.

There is still a hiring freeze at UCOP. There is a new website: that contains information about the restructuring process. Academic personnel policies review is now complete and will go out before Thanksgiving. There are 3 under review currently.

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