Friday, November 16, 2007

Is this a pilot or a done deal?

Sara talked all about the pilot project. Patricia Martin then demo'd it.

From Patricia Martin -- there will be a new OCLC symbol for SRLF (ZAS). Apparently there are 140 symbols+ for all the campuses, so that needs to be cleaned up. They are also working on a brand-new symbol for the mass digitization content, so all the campuses can access it the same way.

The pilot will only work with SRLF, not NRLF.

Martin says... "this is a lot for something that is just a pilot" because they haven't committed yet. I agree... and I think that's something many of us are wondering about.

She says... is this a pilot or a done deal? Martin says she hopes she's leaving us with the impression that this is still an open question ... at the end of evaluating the pilot project hopefully we'll know the answer.

how will the project be evaluated?
* evaluation of partnership
* performance benchmarks
* UC and OCLC user assessment
* OCLC pricing model
* OCLC business plans

Ways to give feedback:
* single point of content -- libraries pilot site
* survey
* feedback link
* news from OCLC

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