Friday, November 16, 2007

OT - Facebook and Down Pillows

So I feel a little strange right now. I got to UC Merced at 8 am. As I look around, I'm not the only one here with a laptop and like everyone else was doing, I set mine up right away. And yet I was the only one facebooking and myspacing! I'm not sure what that says about me. Phoebe and I are blogging. We've recruited Dana Peterman to take photos. I've taken a lot of photos as well but can't upload them until I get home a little later. On another note, I stayed at the Marriott last night. They had the most glorious down pillows. I sheepishly have to admit that I took them out of the cases to find out what brand they were. This morning, I found a USA Today slipped under my door. A big red sticker was placed on top of the paper. It reads: Liked the pillows? Shop Click zzzzzzzzz!

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