Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Emily Stambaugh

Emily Stambaugh talked about the goals for the shared print program at UC, which have been influenced by outside research (such as the projects the other presenters have been talking about).
* long-range goals for shared print -- more comprehensive collection space savings and cost avoidances
* reallocation of library space
* preserve the scholarly record

Potential cooperative collection development areas:
* prospective monographs
* prospective print serials
* retrospective print serials

Ongoing projects: Canadian literature, IEEE Journals (this is a UCB-UCD-NRLF project).

Coming soon for the UC shared print project: Area Studies Monographs. Send your suggestions for relevant area studies to Emily. Also: a task force on "shared print in place".

Emily has many questions, such as:
* when does it make sense to act cooperatively, to build a retrospective collection or a serials project?
* We have a very high level of confidence in the JSTOR project. What will it take for us to build a low-level validated archive?
* What would be the standards for this validated program? What's a reasonable level of effort for doing this work?

To find out more about the UC Shared Print project, go to

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