Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Supporting Readings for Breakout Sessions - LAUC Assembly - May 10, 2012

Supporting Readings for Breakout Sessions:
Next Steps for Planning for Future Librarianship
Thursday, May 10, 2012
University of California, Santa Cruz Extension Silicon Valley
2505 Augustine Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Next Generation Technical Services website

NGTS Background

UC Libraries Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG)

NGTS Organizational Structure

Committee on Professional Governance Final Report 2010

LAUC Assembly blog entries for

Berkeley 2009
            Discussion Points and Outcomes

Irvine Regional 2010
Summaries from the LAUC 2010 Southern Regional Meeting

Santa Barbara 2011
            Breakout Sessions

Brian Matthews' White Paper "Think Like a Startup: A White Paper to Inspire Library Entrepreneurialism" has topics that will tie in with the May 10 LAUC Assembly discussion on next steps for planning for future librarianship.
A snippet from the paper:
“The media and pop culture provide us with romanticized visions of dorm room ideas becoming billion dollar IPOs. And indeed, that does happen sometimes, but startups are more than rags to riches stories. In concise terms: startups are organizations dedicated to creating something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty. This sounds exactly like an academic library to me. Not only are we trying to survive, but we’re also trying to transform our organizations into a viable service for 21st century scholars and learners.” with link to pdf of report

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