Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breakout Session – Skills and Training

Skills and Training
Summary from LAUC Assembly - May 10, 2012  (Afternoon Breakout Session)

Market Library to users as “user friendly” and relevant
-          I.D. opportunities to make a difference
-          Fulfill a demand users didn’t know they needs (proactively)

Fluency with outreach through new communication mechanisms
[Social media/marketing principles]

Skill at crafting “elevator” speeches
-          Demonstrate effectiveness and benefits of Library research

Formal/Informal/Ad Hoc [on our own]
-          Basic competency & expert level
Training Skill Sets

New Grads                              Experienced
*  Collections                          *  Data
*  Data Curation                      *  Project Management
*  Project Management             *  Copyright
*  Copyright                            *  Public Speaking

Awareness of Library Services and Strengths
Play role in programs and systems used on campus/research

Broader Skills
·         Entrepreneurial Skills
Ex:  Matching a need with something library can or should provide
·         Collaborative
·         Data Analysis
·         Flexible and proactive
-          Increase presence in departments
-          Embedded in curriculum
-          Awareness of trends

·         Marketing Services
·         Communicate Value

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