Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breakout Session - Communications

Summary from LAUC Assembly - May 10, 2012  (Afternoon Breakout Session)

Outreach to:
  • Campus online education groups
  • Office of Research
  • Alumni
New education initiatives – awareness
Librarian representation
  • Faculty senate
  • Academic Federation
Write self into grant proposals
Embedded with researchers
LAUC Facebook :)

Seminars on data management -
Informs researchers
Frame workshops in same vocabulary as audience
            e.g. where should I publish?  (no “open access”)
Have events for student chapters of IEEE
Share with each other 
  • Videos
  • Clearinghouse to share info about Librarian “tasks” among LAUC members
  • Skillsets
  • Info for new hires
  • Succession planning
  • Share local practices, etc.

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