Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breakout Session – Lightning Teams

Lightning Teams
Summary from LAUC Assembly - May 10, 2012  (Afternoon Breakout Session)

Small focused group, quick fix
Single issue – depth of vision
Composition:  Diversity of opinion
Balance size and speed with broad representation
Planning tool: Campus expertise
Three People per “pod” – single issue
Time schedule – report back to campus? LAUC?   SOPAG?

Which issues are appropriate?
Who to report back to

LAUC systemwide
e.g. training
implementing subject specialists
·         Project Management
·         Can we train ourselves or do we hire someone else?
·         Structure for training – gain expertise: Send person for specific training
·         e.g. UCSB copyright

Lightning Team
Train in specific area
Re-train colleagues

Being together – engaging with each other
Training the trainer

Benefit to our users
Subject knowledge or copyright
Collaboration:  Evaluating resources, technology for user needs.

e.g. Chat Service

Lightning Team
For e.g. after HOPS and committee deliberation
Six week study & implement

Narrow charge:
Simple charge; well-defined
Separate lightning teams on pieces of problem
Someone in charge of storm
Group decides what lightning is –
Then a couple go to different campuses and give show on how to implement

Most effective at grass-roots, lowest in-the-trenches level.

What are most important do-able problems –
Which would lend themselves
People committed –
Turn-around time
Results –

What lends itself to lightning?
e.g.  gap in Distance Education
·         Identify it
·         Identify practices
·         Implement

Free up time for people to do this – 100% focus

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