Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breakout Session - Shared Service Models

Shared Service Models
Summary from LAUC Assembly - May 10, 2012  (Afternoon Breakout Session)

How to Keep Pace with User Expectations
Given Decreasing $
-          What of standard for digital reference?
-          Where will subject librarians (et expertise) go when subject libraries close?

User Expectations – subscriptions to everything online (suggested by WorldCat and Google)
-          Cross-campus access to e-books
  • -          Immediate gratification 9though not necessarily through library)
  • -          Immediate ILL borrowing
  • -          Local assistance
Solutions?  Library services modeled after UC path
  • -          Consortial e-books
  • -          Systemwide proxy access?  Shibboleth?  (Problem w/non-Tier 1 resources though)
-          Re-focus on ‘One Library’ concept (e.g. ‘UC Undergraduate Library’)
-          Systemwide subject guides w/ tab for local-only resources

-          Shared bibliographers (for languages, at least)
o   for cross-campus (and institution) instruction?

-          Problem: Funding for shipped shared resources
o   (ILL, preservation of rare items)

Distance Education will require local proctors (most look toward libraries for such services)

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