Thursday, March 10, 2011

LAUC Resolution: UC Budget Cuts

Submitted by Ken Furuta

Comments from various participants:
- Suggested the UL's may not be the most appropriate group to submit this resolution to- perhaps they should just be copied.
- Concerns of the generality of the phrasing of the resolution. It is general, we are not taking the opportunity to take a stand on what should be protected and why. We should identify what should be protected- such as the collections. Should talk about what kinds of librarians we need, to best support the missions of libraries. To be able to best invest the time of libraries and librarians. Should deal more with long-term preservation of the collections. Take this as an opportunity to be more directive & specific about what we believe should be protected.
- Reply: it is more generalized because it is coming from the greater LAUC, but it does address topics such as the collections
- Comment that it is weak. Should be more aggressive in its resolution.
-Suggestion by authoring group member that this resolution goes back w/ group that authored it & revise according to comments taken from today.

- The motion for approval was withdrawn.

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