Thursday, March 10, 2011

Presentation by Janet Lockwood via Skype

Janet Lockwood is at UCOP, as Associate Director, Academic Personnel, Academic Advancement

- Academic Personnel updates & restructuring: Susan Carlson, new Vice Provost has joined from Iowa (since they last met Spring 2010). 2 other positions filled- 1. Compensation & Policy Analyst, and 2. Labor & Relations Manager for Academic Personnel- will provide internal support for academic labor contracts.

- Observations on Data Reports produced for LAUC: 1. Looking at April 2010 payroll snapshot & 2. October 2010 payroll snapshot. Looked at librarians by campus, gender, ethnicity. A few observations: between April & October 2010- total headcount 470 (april), 459 (october). All ranks showed decreases. Most decreases at Step 5. All campuses but UCM showed decreased in total headcount. Decreased in librarians at Step 6 from 24 to 21. Increase from 8 to 22 at Step 7. In terms of ethnicity, ethnic minorities has decreased at all categories at Assoc. rank.

- Jesse Bernall, Diversity UCOP Coordinator assigned, in response to recent racist & homophobic incidents on some UC campuses. He was a UC student Regent. He works at the Provost's office. New position- has been there about 7 months. Addition to diversity efforts: looking beyond structural diversity to the environments that UC people experience on a daily basis. Ad Hoc committee formed to examine campus diversity climate. Each campus has 1 rep to President's council. 6 experts from outside of UC to join, including someone from NAACP & Anti-Defamation League.
-5 Working Groups of President's Council- including faculty diversity initiative; defining best practices for recruitment & retention. A Safety & Engagement working group for best practices w/in UC. A group to Identify Metrics in this area, which is not easy, but there are some national models available that are currently being explored. A Working group looking specifically at LGBT issues.

- Mitchell Brown's presentation for Research & Prof Dev. committee: reviewed 20 applications. Granted 2 research grants, 2 mini, 14 presentation grants. Recipients were posted on current LAUC website & current grants committee looking at 19 submissions. Reviewing & contacting members for 6 research & 13 presentation grants. Remainder balance is left, a 2nd call for submissions will be going out. Larger number of research grants this year. Encourages members & divisions to apply for grants for attending conferences and prof. dev. meetings. Larger report will be posted on LAUC website.

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