Thursday, March 10, 2011

Memorial Resolution honoring colleagues

Memorial Resolution honoring Locke Morrisey read by Pauline Manaka.

Motion out there to approve or accept?

Motion put out there by Pauline Manaka and seconded by Elaine McCracken.

Lise Snyder has only the kindest words for Locke and thought highly of him. But she feels this is not appropriate for LAUC. Resolutions put forward by librarians such as Ken Furuta are more appropriate. What about all the other UC Librarians who passed away who also contributed to this field in their own way but are not recognized in this way. Should we have such a resolution for all librarians who pass away who spent some time at a UC Library? There must be another way to recognize treasured colleagues.

Because of the short amount of time we have, Rhonda Lawrence moves to put this to a vote.

Michael Yonezawa can see both sides of the argument.

Miki Goral suggests we copy the faculty memoriam thing and create a LAUC memoriam thing.

Is there a motion to close the debate?

Miki says, listening to what Lise had to say, she now has a concern about his sort of thing. This kind of this may become exclusive rather than inclusive based on who is popular or has friends who would put forth such a motion.

Michael's compromise is to adopt these resolutions and find other ways to honor our colleagues in the future.

Pauline Manaka says people make contributions to librarianship, and if their friends don't say anything, no one will know. She believes in the spirit in the innovations Locke and Patty has made to our field. She suggests we adopt the resolutions and then find another way starting next year.

Motion to close the debate by Debbie. Seconded by Nicole. Motion passes.

Resolution passed.

Esther Grassian read the Memorial Resolution honoring Patty Caravello. Rhonda put forth a motion to accept this resolution. Seconded by Colleen. No debate. Call for a vote. Resolution passes.

LAUC Resolution: University of California Budget Cuts.

Discussion: This is too general, too apple pie. We're not giving enough specifics about why we need to protect libraries and librarians. The collections shouldn't be destroyed because they're part of the core mission of universities to educate and provide the tools for a good education.

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