Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5. Moving "Into the Cloud"

Moving on to the Grid

YouTube video: What is cloud computing?
Web 2.0 Expo with Tim O'Reilly (10 minutes)

How Might OCLC help?

Harness cooperative by enabling libraries to share hardware, services, and data 'in the cloud'
WorldCat Local as a network-level end-user interface

OCLC Cooperative Web-scale Library management Services
OCLC Quick Start services

  • Circulation and Delivery
  • Print and Electronic Acquisitions
  • License management
  • Self-configuration (configure workflows for the site)

Interview with Andrew Pace (OCLC) in Library Journal
OCLC’s Andrew Pace Talks with Talis about Web-Scale ILS
Andrew Pace Talks with Talis [00:50:08m]

"To find out about OCLC’s move in to providing hosted, Web-scale, Software as a Service functionality for managing libraries, who better to ask than the person responsible for the programme."

Moving Tech Services to the Cloud: What Would We Need to do Differently?

Incrementally move technical services to the network

Think of selection-ordering

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