Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SOPAG Committee - Mary-Lin Berstrom

Update from Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG)

New UL at Santa Barbara, Brenda Johnson
Laine Farley position at CDL approved as executive director of the California Digital Library (CDL)

SOPAG representatives

Current Members
Campus Member's Name
UCB Bernie Hurley
UCD Gail Yokote
UCI Lorelei Tanji, Chair
UCLA Susan Parker
UCM Bruce Miller
UCR Diane Bisom
UCSD Luc Declerck
UCSF Julia Kochi
UCSB Lucia Snowhill
UCSC Kate McGirr
LAUC Mary Linn Bergstrom, UCSD
CDL Felicia Poe

HOPS - working on "Next Big Idea" for Public Services
Electronic Chat has become very popular

Review of statistics collected and reported to ARL, ACRL, UCOP
Looking at statistics collected and how they are used for?

Next Generation Melvyl pilot continues

UC digital collections review, infrastructure and requirement
Task Force on Digital Collections

Initiative looking at project management across the UC system
Following on VDX implementation process and to develop skills for project management expertise moving forward.

LTAG focusing on collaborative work tools and those to recommend across the UC system, with pressure on travel funds and systemwide workgroups

LTAG experimenting with workgroup wikis

Review of contracts, such as Elsevier
Springer E-Book contract with Open Access clause
CDC briefing document for UC collections going forward.
The space crunch in RLFs - what to do with physical collections, perhaps linking with other groups across the country

Electronic project on ETD pilot taking place.

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