Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Next Generation Technical Services--Martha Hruska Presentation

Great deal of work in last four years, in response to 2005 Bibliographic Services Task Force Report.

Redefining collections--great opportunity to expose hidden collections throughout UC.

Next Generation Technical Services charge:
  • Move technical services to network level, away from local level.
  • Identify areas of coordination and collaboration across UC.
  • Quickly implement any "low-hanging fruit" changes, with approval from Executive Tea
Goal of Next Generation Tech Services project is to address the "backend" recommendations from 2005 report.

Next Generation Tech Services values:
  • Speed up processing
  • View all aspects of tech services as single, system-wide; eliminate redundancy
  • Start with existing metadata that is "good enough" and go from there
Guiding values--partial list:
  • Tech services "critical infrastructure" for collections
Information resource types--not perfect taxonomy, but a useful framework:
  • Commonly held content in Roman script
  • Comminly held content in non-Roman script
  • UC unique collections
  • 21st Century Emerging Resources--blogs, wikis, tweets?, etc.
Task groups will be formed to consider how best to provide technical services for each type of resource.

Mind shift: from "cataloging" to "technical services" needed to support a collection.

Next Generation Technical Services task force just beginning its work. Possible outcomes:
  • Reduced silos in technical services work
  • Collaborative approval plans
  • Collaborative outsourcing
  • Improved tools for system-wide acquisitions & cataloging
  • "Shared Print in Place" norm rather than exception
  • Less redundant work, which frees time to focus on local campus priorities
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