Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Report for Research and Professional Development Lucia Diamond

Research and Professional Development
  • 4 research grants
  • 16 mini and presentation grants
One research grant not funded due to considerable revision. Plan to resubmit.

One mini grant not awarded because the proposal was not research related. Gave person ideas to change to make research grant.

Recommendation for research grants forwarded to UCOP for approval.

Two major issues:
1. Purchase of software and equipment. Materials purchased from grant is the property of the UC system. Software would have to be supported by campus systems office.

Guidelines are one large document. need a faster way to search and work with guidelines.

More "tweeking" of mini-grant and presentation guidelines.

2. Presentation grant recipients would not have prior notice of the acceptance of proposals, does not fit into 1.5 year process of research grant review cycle.

Conversations at UCOP for funding presentation before the July fiscal years. Lucia has submitted a research proposal to encumber the remaining research funds in the current year for distribution next year.

Figures in final report.
Represented librarians: $10,000
Non-represented librarians: $8100 - recommended $700 and $900

Dunlap: Mini-grants and presentation grants this year helped with money spending this year.

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