Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summary of Sessions

After a short refreshment break we had small group discussions with the three panelists, and then a closing summary session. Then each panelist summarized the group discussion.

Some thoughts and observations:
  • Librarians worried about commercialism of Amazon ads on World Cat Local, but no other user group worried.
  • Conference proceedings would be a useful limit--exists in current Melvyl
  • A customizable interface would be a nice enhancement to World Cat Melvyl.
  • Question: Are we overly simplistic about what user needs are? Amazon model not always relevant.
  • Next Generation Technical Services group must consider impact of the Hathi Trust agreement for mass digitization.
  • Big challenge: Ingesting non-Roman scripts.
  • OCLC tagging systems using LC subject headings is currently in research phrase.
  • Why do users tag, or who is more likely to tag? One view here:
  • How can user-contributed metadata be trusted? Faculty sometimes concerned about Wikipedia etc.

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