Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Martha Hruska - Nex Gen Technical Services

Martha Hruska, Chair of the UC Next Generation Technical Services Steering team and member of the NGTS Executive Team, AUL Collections Services, UC San Diego

NGTS Context
BSTF report 2005: next steps
UC related inititatives over the last four years
Catalysts for Change
NGTS Charge

BSTF Report 2005
  • Looking at workflow and practices within infrastructure.
  • Adopting New Cataloging Practices
  • Supporting Continuous Improvement
  • Rearchitecting cataloging workflow
  • Appropriate metadata scheme
  • manually enrich metadata in imprtant areas
  • Automate Metadata Creation
UC Inititatives over the last 4 years+
  • CAMCIG Reports
  • UC CONSER Funnel
  • CDL/HOTS agreement to fund temporary SCP Chinese cataloger
  • SCP Scope Statement review
  • HOTS Cataloging Expertise Spreadsheet
  • Shared print Projects CDL/CDC
    • Journals (licensed journals, JSTOR, IEEE)
    • Canadiana
    • CDC Prospective Shared Print Monographic task force
Catalysts for Change: Beyond Cataloging and Bibliographic Services
  • LC Final Report of the Working Group on the future of Bibliographic Control
  • NG Melvyl
    • Requires harmonization of UC cataloging policies and process revisions
    • Requres cooperative approaches to acquisitiosns approaches
  • Mass Digitization
    • Hathi Trust
  • Web archiving
  • Expose Hidden Collections
  • Mange the life-cycle or born digital and other emerging formats
  • UC-wide and campus financial pressures
NGTS: Charge

Develop a framework for the next three to five years for NGTS for the Uc Libraries. the steering team will:
  • address the broad transformative changes that will move technical services to the network level and that will reap the benefits of collaborative technical services
  • identitfy areas of coordination and collaboration among the UC Libraries techncial services operations
  • quickly implement identified 'low-hanging furuit" changes 9with approval from the executive Team)
Shared Print - join approval plans across UC system to reduce duplication on campuses
HOTS survey - How many campuses use shelf-ready services from vendors

  • Both user expectation and financial realities to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of processes
  • NGTS
    • Position UC libraires to support NGM and address "backend" recommendatons to BSTF report
NGTS Scope: Values
  • Speed processing throughout technical services function
  • View all aspects to technical services as s system-wide, single enterprise
  • Start with existing metadata that is 'good enough" from all available resources
  • All for continuous improvement to "good enough: including from the world beyond UC Libraries: expert communities, vendors, other libraries
Guiding Principles
  • TS provide infrastructure for library collections
  • TS services provide broad access to and facilitate discovery of library collections
Graphic based on Lorcan Dempsey at RGL Partners Meeting (2008)
Relationship between users, libraries, publsihers, vendors in search, discovery, and retrieval

Information Resource Types
  1. Commonly Held Content in Roman script
  2. Commonly held Content in Non-Roman Script
  3. UC Unique Collections
  4. 21st Century Emerging Resources
Task Group Charges
Each task group to develop 1-3 models for each information resource group

Each model must
  • Address process for selection
NGTS Process
Web site
The website is now active - at least they have the name, more details will follow.

Proposed models vetted
Explore workflow, policies

Phase 1 - May - Sept. 2009
  • Best practices and current initiatives within UC and beyond
Phase 2 - Oct. 2009 - Jan. 2010
  • Outline proposed models
Phase 3 - Feb.2010 - March 2010
  • Analyze proposed models
Possible Outcomes
  • Redefine, break down silos in TS functions
  • Collaborative approval plans
  • Collaborative outsourcing and other vendor services
  • Improved tools for system-wide acquisitions and cataloging
  • 'Shared Print in Place' becomes norm rather than exception
  • less redundant work -> campus focus on local priorities
Where to afford and keep materials. May not be in RLFs
UC Merced taking on responsibility for shared print holdings for Springer E-Books package

Less copies but sharable across system

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