Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From Order to Reports - dp

Clank! It begins.
We are reminded once again that we are recording for posterity.
The virtual dial-in for Diane begins.
Diane speaks - Technology AUL for UCR.
Notes its virtual collections and non-virtual librarians.
Overview of today's program - mostly on Next Generation Melvyl
LAUC-B Conference announcement on Friday Oct. 23?
President's report highlights
Two appointments
UCALIST, Feb. 3 meeting on scholarly communication. Update on Google stuff and open access

Transition to zero-based budgeting beginning Nov. 3, 2009. Need projections to 2011.

LAUC-LA concerned about standard order 10o.4, which does emergency salary reductions, sent a letter to UCOP.

Janet Lockwood, Associate Director, Academic Personel, Academic Advancement, UCOP comes in via Skpe with projection on wide screen.

Regents met last week and approved 2009/10 budget. Restructuring process in progress. Finished with re-org of Academic Affairs- this means that Provost Pitts is going over provisions made last year and 53 positions have been posted and hope to have positions filled by July. FTE has gone from 1800 to 1100-1200 at Office of the President. In process of implementation and climate change in which making themselves a more "service-oriented" group. The brief update on collective bargaining, which includes 08/09 salary and professional development monies. Re: 100.4, knows that President hopes for broad consultation. Says that no program in place for furlough, etc. for immediate future. However. wants policy and procedure in place. Budget Office is looking to May 19 election, which will have a large effect on UC budget. If 1A and 1B, then we will have 250 to 300 million on top of 200+ million already absorbed.
Questions for Janet
What is an affiliate organization in terms of how LAUC is defined?
Janet hasn't heard of it.
Sam will give her the documentation
Micki points that APM indicates that LAUC similar to Senate, so wants to know if that would be considered an affiliate.
Sam will share documentation.
Highlights from SOPAG (Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group)
Changes in personnel - New UCSB UL and new CDL person
Reps called out. Mentions that all of the minutes, etc. have been available online.
Discuss 24/7 QP. NGM monitoring. Consortial technical services.
[trying to work digital camera, but had problems with it]

Lucia on Research Grants and Mini-Grants - 4 apps and 16 apps
There were 4 applications for research, one could not submitt. The 16 had 15 that worked. They forwarded them to OP. Noted that software purchased had to be supported and that it was then owned and could be used by anyone in UC. It was thought that the guidelines for these purchases and more should be changed. The other big issue had to do with presentation timelines - funding is allocated before acceptance to a conference is known. Awardees will be notified at the end of the month. Money remaining from the budget will be in the final report because there the money comes from two sources - contract for represented librarians and money OP gives for non-represented librarians.
Questions: Mitchell Brown asked about the possibility of having mid-year awards. Lucia still notes that there is still a timing issue. The money is swept out by June 30. Money is encumbered to your university and, if not used, will revert back to OP. No way at present for money to be given out throughout the year.
Lorelei mentions that LTAG will be supporting Ready-Talk for conference software.

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