Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Presentation: next Generation Library Collections Management

Karen Calhoun, OCLC
Vice President, WorldCat and Metadata Services

Presentation document will be posted to LAUC website and blog.

Talk about phrase "Next Generation"
Getting tired of the phrase? Audience: Yes
As a fashionable term, we need to redefine what it means for things "over there"

Robert Young OCLC survey at user meetings at OCLC Western
"What Does 'next Generation Cataloging' Mean?"

Ten mentioned NG cataloging responses
  • FRBR/work sets
  • RDA
  • simpler/easier tools
  • Lots of e-resources
  • Authorities, thesauri
  • Web-like linking, etc.
  • User-supplied data
  • More automation
  • Subject analysts+
  • Special collections

A long tail toward the end, "a lot of pieces but not a collected whole"
Calhoun: a 'cloudy idea' of the notion of NG in our cataloging environment

What is not NG? Redundancy in library operations: collections and cataloging services

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