Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Martin - Where are we at with the WCL pilot

Melvyl usage still outpaces use of WorldCat Local (combined)

There is still enough interest in WCL and Melvyl to use and return.

What has happened since May 2008?

Usability studies
Log analysis
1/4 searches generate more that 500 results
~10% of searches produce zero results
Relationship building
Learning to describe UC culture to OCLC and learning to talk to each other

What is the Pilot?
  • Look and feel is similar to University of Washington version
  • Ten campus specific views and one UC-wide view
    • not able to ingrate with multiple campus OPACS
The Basics
  • Interface usability
  • Interoperability with ILSs
  • Seamless interoperability with UC-eLinks and Request
  • the ability to lead, access and display non-traditional records
    • Digital assets, journals, mass digitization
How Will the pilot be evaluated
Enhanced discovery functionality
Enhanced delivery resources

Fully integrate Request functionality

In progress
  • OCLC working hard on fully integrating Request functionality
  • Need to accommodate RLFs, campuses with more than one ILS
  • Speed!
    • Coding, local holdings records (LHRs)
What are LHRs
LHRS will make response time faster
  • Summary
  • Holdings
  • Digital assets
Next Steps for LHRs
  • Currently testing LHRs at UCLA, UCD, UCI
    • Voyager, Aleph, III
  • Plan to automate weekly synch with OCLC

  • Currently in pilot
  • Pilot extended until all outstanding requirements are met by OCLC
  • Melvyl not going away just yet; planned phase out
  • Look for communication about ramping up this Fall
Testing in fall to test response under loads

University of California

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