Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OCLC's Expert Community Experiment

Experiment in "social cataloging" with OCLC expert community - began Feb.15

Interest and motivation from WorldCat Local pilot sites that what WCL as their "database of record"
- allows member libraries with full-level Cataloging authors to make additions and changes to almost all fields in almost all records

End user Engagement: John MacColl's "Are Archives the New Libraries?" (PDF)
OCLC EMEA Dutch Customer Contact Day (The Hague, Netherlands)
  • "I'm John MacColl, and I was in The Dutch National Archives last month with Karen Calhoun, where we were both speaking at the Dutch Customer Contact Day, which OCLC EMEA runs each year for their many Dutch customers. Following Karen's presentation, I gave a presentation whose tongue-in-cheek title was inspired by the organisation hosting the meeting - Are archives the new libraries? It also reflects our growing interest in helping research libraries digitize their unique and rare materials - archives as well as rare books and manuscripts - and to put these materials onto the web as a priority. Are archives the new libraries? was therefore a teasing title, suggesting that much of the business of archives is now coming to the fore for research library managers. Source"

Do not describe everything in painstaking detail
  • Start with basic description, then ...
  • Allow serious researchers to contact you for more detail, and ...
  • ... engage your user community with adding to the descriptions.

Detail: January 16, 2008: LC photographs on Flickr

LC found the user comments helpful in identifying details of photographs.

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