Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Janet Lockwood, UCOP

Janet Lockwood, UCOP
It's very good to be with you to give an update on Office of the President activities.

Brief Announcements
Regents met last week and approved UCOP budget 2009-10
A brief idea of the restructuring at UCOP
In protracted reorganization but feel that majority has been completed - redesign phase complete
Reorganization of academic affairs
Units under Provost Pitts
53 positions posted at UCOP and right now going through posting of new positions
Hope to complete phase by July

The scope of change at UCOP
From VP Dan Greenstein - staff reduced from FTE 1800 to about 1100-1200 FTE
"Major, major changes at OP" - phasing into implementation
"Cultural and climate change" implementing services changes

Glad that UCOP was useful in the bylaws process and hope to be called upon for bylaws revisions

2008-09 salary and professional development issues still in mediation
Mention of proposed draft amendment for Standing Order 100.4x "Policy Governing Employee Furloughs And Compensation Reductions During Fiscal Emergencies And Amendment Of Standing Order 100.4x "
President intends to process have broad consultation and review

No discussion of implementing any program around salary reduction and furloughs
Process around emergency actions around specific actions
President has correct policies in place before any actions are taken

Budget Office anticipating May 19 election and disposition of effect on UC budget
If Prop 1A and 1B were to fail, the UC would be faced with $250-350 million on top of current $150 Million already in place.

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